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How Many Games Could the Twins Win? Could They Actually Win 100?

September 17, 2010 2 comments

*UPDATE: The Twins have just used one of their quota’d 4 losses losing to Oakland, 3-1.

Listening to Reusse and Mackey on 1500 ESPN, it was brought up that the Twins could be in the midst of a 100 win season.

Wait. 100 wins? Is that possible? There have been two 100 win seasons in the last 4 years, which both came in the last two years, one in 2008 and one in 2009. Could the Twins actually win 100 games this year?

Currently the Twins sit at 88-58. There are 16 games remaining in the 2010 season. To win 100 games, they would need to win 12 of the remaining 16. In other words, they would need to go 12-4. That would be a .750 winning percentage. Since the All-Star Break they have gone 42-16, good for a .724 winning percentage. As amazing as this run has been, they have, after all, the best record in baseball post all-star break, they would need to be even better.

Fortunately they have a very favorable schedule going forward. The Twins play 3 games versus Oakland, 3 versus Cleveland, 3 in both Detroit and Kansas City, and finally, 4 versus Toronto.

To lose only 4 they would have to sweep one of those series’ and lose only one in the others. I have to believe, granted that they play for the best record and home-field advantage, that they should be able to sweep more than one of those series’.

So, yes, the Twins have a very good shot of winning 100 games.