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A New Years Resolution and A Starting Pitcher

January 1, 2011 Leave a comment

As the title suggests, this is a 2 part post. The 1st part is a New Years Resolution that is very important to me and I hope to any faithful reader of Hitting The Eephus. I realize that I’ve become basically irrelevant in the Twins blogosphere. My New Years Revolution is to write a minimum of one blog post every week. I think that is an attainable goal and it will bring Hitting The Eephus back to where it should be. As my good friend John T. Meyer recently wrote that we need to write down our goals for the public to see so we are held more accountable. I think this especially entails to improving this blog.

The second part of this post is much more typical of what will be normal for this blog. As many reports have suggested, the Twins are indeed a favorite to re-sign Carl Pavano. It just seems like it makes sense for Pavano to want to return to Minnesota. The only other team that has any rumors suggesting that they want him is the Washington Nationals. If I were Pavano I’d want to steer clear of Washington. I don’t have anything against the franchise personally, it actually does look like a promising young franchise with the likes of Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, and many more players either just reaching the big leagues or still to come in the coming years. And of course their free agent signing of Jason Werth must not be forgotten. I just don’t think they have a real shot of being good for a few years, and Pavano will be gone by the time that happens. This is why it makes sense for Pavano to want to return to the Twins who are contenders.

It only makes sense for the Twins to bring back Pavano on the right deal. There is no way he should be given the three  year deal he seeks. I would be most comfortable with a one year deal, but I don’t see how he signs a deal for any less than 2 years. I still think that he does indeed re-sign with the Twins, but there do need to be alternate plans in the case that signs with the Nationals or any other team that could very well suddenly decide they are in need of Pavano’s services.

One player that I see as a relatively low risk-high reward replacement to Pavano is Justin Duchscherer. Duchscherer is an injury prone pitcher. There is no getting around that. That being said he can still bring good value. Since he has been hurt his price tag won’t be very high. Last year he was given a $1.75 million contract. He only pitched 5 games before having season-ending left hip surgery. After that I can’t see his price tag going up. The one thing he wants is to be signed as a starter and not to be put into the bullpen. I think that if the Twins can see him as Pavano’s replacement they can offer him that.

Kyle Terada/US Presswire

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Should There Be Such a Thing As Too Much?

July 7, 2010 6 comments

Anybody who is following the Twins should know that the Twins are in discussions with the Seattle Mariners concerning Cliff Lee. Theses talks “are ‘interesting’ and have ‘posibilities.'” These talks have gone to the point where it has been reported that Bill Smith has offered Wilson Ramos and Aaron Hicks for Lee.

The fact that Aaron Hicks could be included in a deal for Cliff Lee has many fans outraged. They believe, and wisely so, that he is too good of a prospect to give up for 2-3 (regular season) months of Cliff Lee. He was, after all, ranked by Baseball America as the 19th best prospect in all of baseball. As Seth Stohs says, Hicks isn’t untouchable, but he shouldn’t be traded for a rental player. That is conventional wisdom and I was agreeing with it, until I thought further.

I wondered a couple of things. The first I wondered was how many of the recent 1st round picks have made it to the big leagues and either had success or are currently having success. I figured some of them have probably had success (I heard there was some guy named Mauer) and that some of them probably didn’t. The next thing I wondered was how is the payroll going to be in the coming years? Surely there will be players with payroll increases meaning that it will be harder to keep around players like the free agent acquisitions Hudson and Thome.

Part 1: Recent 1st Round Picks

1st Round Pick-1997-Michael Cuddyer:

Like him or hate him, Michael Cuddyer has had success in the big leagues. He has been put in many positions on the field and his real success started in 2006 when right field became his home. He got comfortable there and put together a 3.1 WAR season. In his 2 full seasons since then (he was injured for the majority of 2008) he put together 2.6 WAR seasons. This season hasn’t been as successful, but he has been a decent 1st round pick.

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Images of the Spring-Part 3

February 25, 2010 6 comments

1st of all, I’d like to thank Jack Steal for letting me join him on his podcast last night. Of course, co-host Topper Anton was there as well. Thank you both. If you’d like to listen to the podcast, it can be found here.

Most of the players have reported to spring training and have begun bullpen sessions, batting practice, and now, fielding.

We have a picture of one of the new members of the double play combo taking grounders. This will be a great sight to see in 2010.

Bullpen sessions are in full force and we have plenty of pictures.

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Twins Players Avoid Arbitration

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

*Update-Francisco Liriano has signed for $1.6 million, and Jesse Crain has signed for $2 million.

*Update-Pat Neshek has signed a contract worth $625,000 guarenteed and $75,000 in incentives.

*Update-The Twins have signed Brendan Harris on a 2 year salary worth $3.2 million guanteed and $650,000 in incetives. He gets $1.45 million in 2010 & $1.75 million in 2011.

*Update-The Twins have signed Matt Guerrier for $3.15 million.

Several Twins players have avoided arbitration today by signing one year deals.

According to Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune the Twins have signed J.J. Hardy for $5.1 million. Delmon Young signed for $2.6 million, with $50,000 in performance incentives. Carl Pavano has signed for $7 million.

In my opinion the Young and Hardy deals are fairly priced deals. I think, given Pavano’s injury history, he should have been given a performance incentive-laden deal.

Christensen hears that all of the Twins arbitration eligibles have signed and looking to confirm it.