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All Aboard the Crain Train


Those are the words you can hear uttered as you wait to board the train that goes around Twins Territory and occasionally running through (literally RUNNING THROUGH) cities such as Chicago. This train is better known as the Crain Train.

Wait, you’re telling me you don’t know the story of the Crain Train?

The Crain Train is a train that originated in 2004, but it went full time in 2005. It wasn’t always called the Crain Train though. When it started it was mainly an unnamed train, but there were various names it was given. Some dubbed it “The Bullet”. Others called it “Turbo”. And some others called it “ZOOM ZOOM”, all for it’s terrific speed.

It chugged along for a good while until disaster struck. There was an accident. It wrecked. Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence, so nobody knew exactly what happened. From that point forward, it would be known as the Crainwreck.

The Crainwreck was a train nobody wanted to ride. Everybody lost confidence in it. And in 2009, it was decided something had to be done about it. It was sent to the plant in Rochester, New York to be fixed. There were some immediate results, but this year the wheels fell off.

This time the Crainwreck became even more infamous than before. People wanted it to be out of use, or at the very least sold to to another territory so they didn’t have to have to go through the pain off seeing it on the tracks.

But in mid May something amazing happened. The Crainwreck figured something out. It didn’t always have to be fast. If it could only take people on the scenic route, it might be better off. So it started going in curves at a slower speed rather than always fast. It worked. Thus, the Crain Train was born.

Ever since this the Crain Train has been carrying people all over Twins Territory on a magical ride. They now have the confidence in the Crain Train that they never thought was possible in the Crainwreck.

The Crain Train has done more than inspire confidence is the folks around Twins Territory. It has caused others to just stop, stare, and walk away in befuddlement.

There are many people in Twins territory that have climbed aboard. Now it’s your time. All aboard the Crain Train.

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