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Twoggers Draft

Several of the Twins bloggers and I recently held a fantasy baseball draft. The league is appropriately named Twoggers. It is a standard rotisserie league. Here are my draft picks plus my thoughts on them.

  1. Ryan Braun (5th overall): Braun or Utley? Utley or Braun? Braun or Utley? I ultimately went with the younger Braun with the higher potential for more homers, steals, and a higher batting average over the excellence at a scarce position in Utley.
  2. Ryan Howard (20th overall): Through the end of the 1st round and the beginning of the 2nd, it looked as though Matt Kemp might fall to me here. But, Andrew snatched him with the 17th pick, a terrific value. After that, I couldn’t pass up the best power source in the game today.
  3. Grady Sizemore (29th overall): Last year, Grady Sizemore was a first round pick in every draft. He was limited by injuries but seems to be healthy now. This could turn out to be a very good pick.
  4. Jon Lester (44th overall): By this point in the draft pitchers were starting to go pretty fast. I wanted to make sure I was not left without a pretty good top pitcher, and Lester fits that mold.
  5. Yovanni Gallardo (53rd overall): I liked Gallardo more than the offensive options on the table right then, so I went with Gallardo. Judging by the reactions on the chat I made the right choice. (Not that I needed their reaction, but it’s nice to get a pat on the back after a good pick, ya know what I mean?)
  6. Tommy Hanson (68th overall): I love Tommy Hanson. I like him more than Josh Beckett, who was taken a round earlier. Wait did I just draft 3 pitchers in a row early in the draft? Oh well. They’re studs.
  7. Carlos Lee (77th overall): Carlos Lee is .300/30/100 in the bank. ‘Nuff said.
  8. Gordon Beckham (92nd overall): 3rd base is thin this year. I missed out on the elite options at third and I think Beckham has the potential to develop into an elite option. Also, he will gain 2nd base eligibility 10 games into the season.
  9. Jay Bruce (101st overall): Right before this pick I asked for confirmation to whether this is a keeper league or not. I got both answers. Thinking it was I took Bruce and his upside. I probably wouldn’t have grabbed him if it weren’t.
  10. Jason Bartlett (116th overall): There weren’t many shortstops left at this time and I didn’t want to be left with a Rafael Furcal type player.
  11. Brett Anderson (125th overall): I love Brett Anderson almost as much as I love Tommy Hanson. There is a Cy Young in his future.
  12. Ian Stewart (140th overall): I see Stewart as this years Mark Reynolds. And he’s eligible at 2nd base.
  13. Brian Wilson (149th overall): I needed a closer and Wilson was the last one I saw with a real chance at 40 saves.
  14. Trevor Hoffman (164th overall): I needed another closer and I saw Hoffman as the best available. I also could have gone with Rafael Soriano, Carlos Marmol, David Aardsma, or Chad Qualls.
  15. Ryan Dempster (173rd overall): After taking those 3 pitchers in a row, I didn’t take one for a while and the pickings started to get thin. I see Dempster as really undervalued and I don’t know why. I like this pick.
  16. Jorge Cantu (188th overall): Cantu isn’t great in any categories and the only thing he doesn’t really bring is speed. With eligibility at 1st and 3rd he is a fine corner infield option.
  17. Martin Prado (197th overall): Prado is eligible at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. He hits for a good average and isn’t terrible at any of the other categories except for SB. He’ll do good in my middle infield spot.
  18. David Ortiz (212th overall): If Papi returns to a 30 HR hitter this is a great pick, if not it’s only a slightly bad pick. In my opinion the reward outweighs the risk.
  19. Chris Perez (221st overall): Chris Perez was farther sown the closer list than he should have been with Kerry Wood out. This has potential steal written all over it.
  20. Phil Hughes (236th overall): I had confidence that Hughes would win the Yankees fifth starter job. He did.
  21. J.D. Drew (245th overall): I needed a fifth outfielder and Drew should hit 20 homers with a .280 average. I can work with that.
  22. Kyle Blanks (260th overall): Kyle Blanks is my rookie. I always feel the need to take at least 1 rookie. I think he has 25-30 homers in him this year.
  23. Drew Stubbs (269th overall): I wasn’t sure who to take here. I ran out of time and went with Stubbs. I dropped him for Sean Rodriguez who is having a terrific spring and could be this years Ben Zobrist.
  24. Ramon Hernandez (284th overall): Wait, that many people took backup catchers? Crap.
  25. Matt Thornton (293rd overall): Matt Thornton will be the White Sox closer by the end of the year. Book it.

So what do you think? If you don’t already make sure to check out all the other Twoggers blogs.

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